rosadog – digital health diary for your dog

Keep an eye on your dog’s allergies with the rosadog diary!

rosadog – your digital dog calender for training and health

Why rosadog?
Easy to use

rosadog is very easy and quick to use – enter symptoms, food or training within a few seconds. Regardless of whether you are out and about on your mobile phone or at home on your PC, rosadog is optimized for both applications.

Efficient vet visits

Accurate documentation – better diagnostics – optimized vet visits. With our diary you can show your vet all documented symptoms. Additionally, you can use rosadog to track how well your dog is responding to the treatment.

For old and young

Regardless of whether you have a puppy or an old pal, our health diary will help you to take the best possible care of your dog. If your dog is sick, you can use rosadog to monitor your dogs’ health closely.

Perfect for your dog

We help you and your vet to recognize early on if your dog is sick. Many symptoms are difficult to assign individually. With rosadog you can compare all important factors.

What is the rosadog diary for?
Rosie gesunder Hund auf Wiese Pointer

Training diary

Have you been to the dog school today with your dog, went running or did some enrichtment games? Easily enter progress, training content or even the stress level.

Rosie - müder Hund

Health diary

With rosadog you can enter all health factors and monitor them over the long term – in a clear calendar or list view and with individual evaluations.

Document your dog's health and training progress.
What functions does rosadog have?
rosadog Tagebuch Juckreiz Kurve Hund Allergien
Calendar view
rosadog Gesundheitstagebuch Kalender
rosadog Tierarzt Vorbereitung Hundekalender
rosadog Trainingstagebuch Hund
rosadog Juckreiz Tagebuch Hund Kurve
rosadog Gewicht Tagebuch Hund Kurve
Hunde Gesundheitstagebuch Dokumentation Verdauung
rosadog Medikamente Listeneintrag Hund
rosadog Tagebuch Temperaturkurve Hund
rosadog Futter Kalender Hund
Why rosadog is exactly what you need!

Is your dog chronically ill and you need to keep a very close eye on its health?

Whether you have thyroid disease or diabetes, the rosadog diary will help you!

Is your dog showing allergic reactions like itching but you don’t know what it is?

Carry out an exclusion diet with rosadog and document symptoms and food!

Do you sometimes forget to document when and how symptoms started?

With our dog calendar you have everything under control!

Is the health of your dog very important to you and you want to write everything down?

In our dog diary you can note everything from activity to digestion!

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What do our rosadog users say?

Andrea – veterinarian

I recommend rosadog for dogs (and cats too) that have allergies or complex / protracted illnesses. Clearly documented symptoms help us veterinarians to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. I also find it very helpful that it is easy to monitor how patients respond to treatment and how they develop over the long term. Great for dog owners and veterinarians!

Olivia with Platon&Doxie

Our dogs are both very young and fortunately do not have any major health problems. I therefore mainly use rosadog to document my bitch’s heats or when minor ailments occur. We also note down all training progress in the diary and send it to our dog trainer via the pdf function.

Franzi with Mila

My French bulldog Mila suffers from numerous allergies. With rosadog I keep an overview of your current symptoms and can follow up any improvement in the course of treatment together with our veterinarian. I find it particularly helpful that I can enter the prescribed medication and tested types of food and assess the intensity of itching and coat condition accordingly!

Anna with Annouk

Rosadog helps me to keep an eye on the health of my dog ​​Anouk. With chronic bowel disease, back pain and hypothyroidism, there are a few factors that I have to pay attention to. With Rosadog I can easily keep track of how Anouk is doing with which medication, whether she is losing weight or has recurring indigestion.

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