Health diary

Unfortunately, our dogs cannot tell us when they are feeling bad.

It is therefore all the more important to pay attention to health factors and to document them. Long-term weight gain, loss of appetite, regular digestive problems, or nausea can all be signs of illness. rosadog helps you to enter all important elements quickly and to monitor them in the long term.

Depending on which symptoms your dog is showing, you can document the respective factors.

Is Your dog overweight? Then it makes sense to document food, weight and activity.

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Does your dog have allergies? Then you should document digestion, food and fur. Ideally, you go straight through an elimination diet. With an exclusion diet, you switch to a new food for at least 6 weeks. The food should be based on a source of protein that your dog has never been given. Also the remaining ingredients are considered. During the elimination diet, your dog should not be given any other food or treats with different ingredients. With the start of the exclusion diet, you will also start to note in rosadog how your dog’s symptoms are changing. Is it getting less itchy? Does your dog still have red spots? To make this a little easier, there is a scale of 1-5 in the fur / ears category. The higher the value, the more severe the symptom.

It is best to talk to your vet about which factors are particularly important for your dog!

Are you still unsure whether rosadog is right for you? Since rosadog is completely free, you can just log in first and look at everything.

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