Training diary

If you’ve only recently had your dog, then everything is probably new to both of you. Many little things first have to be practiced and often trained in small steps. This can range from driving a car to calling you back.

Perhaps your dog is also afraid of certain everyday situations and you are slowly working to solve them?

Sports activities such as jogging together or dog sports are also gradually built up.

In so many situations it is important to proceed step by step and to note the successes, but also the difficulties.

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In rosadog you can enter everything and follow exactly what progress you are making. It is not uncommon for problems in training to be related to health problems. Listlessness or susceptibility to stress can have physical causes. Therefore rosadog is a diary that covers both health and training.

In the event of training difficulties, physical causes should therefore always be clarified. Writing down both health and training issues can help you, your dog trainer, and your veterinarian identify possible causes.

Talk to your vet and dog trainer about the problem. They can also best recommend which factors you should note down in the rosadog diary!

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